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Contact Centre Wallboards

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contact centre dashboard team status template
contact centre dashboard queue detail
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contact centre dashboard Team Overview
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In 2021 we launched Discover 2.0. A complete reimagining of our real-time wallboard solution with a brand new UI and massive new feature set ready for the next generation of CCaaS cloud solutions.

Today we work more closely with our users than ever to release frequent and focussed updates. Their collaboration has made Discover what it is today, and shapes what it becomes tomorrow.

contact centre wallboards release notes coming soon

Discover 2.4 is set to be our biggest update yet, with a complete refactor of our wallboard templates to take advantage of exciting new features alongside significant UI upgrades to make our users' lives easier.

Q4 2022

For 2.2 we decided to go deep dive with the administration UI and real-time agent status system to bring some real quality of life features to users alongside our migration from .NET 5 to .NET 6.

Q3 2021

Q4 2023


We made some big changes under the hood for 2.3 to enable faster rendering and bundled that with a bunch of new user facing features, including our new interactive controls for wallboard playlists.

Q2 2022

Our first major update focussed on implementing a lot of the features and improvements our users suggested after getting hands on with Discover 2.0.

Discover 2.0

A new beginning.

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