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Feature Release 2.1

Features, Changes, and Enhancements.

  • Added: stylish new start up animations for agent status donuts.

  • Added: users can now change passwords without contacting administrators using the new self-serve password change and reset facilities on the main navigation bar and login page.

  • Added: new automated data dictionary synchronisation:

    • The Discover data dictionary now synchronises with your contact centre platform dictionary to collect the names of agents and queues.

    • Users can define how often synchronisation occurs and whether modified agent or queue names should be overwritten during synchronisation.

    • Added an option to remove old agents and queues from the Discover data dictionary that no longer exist on your contact centre platform.

  • Added: new data to the Discover health dashboard, users can now see the status of the new dictionary synchronisation process.

  • Added: new data filter options to speed up the creation of filters. Users can now create filters using one of the following options:

    • Explicit – only agents and queues explicitly chosen by the user will be included in the filter.

    • Implicit – the filter will include queues chosen by the user and all agents with those queues assigned.

    • Hybrid – the filter will include queues and agents chosen by the users and all agents with the chosen queues assigned.

  • Added: new custom data calculations for use in bespoke and future templates:

    • “Total Calls Answered Delay”

    • “Average Answer Time”

    • “Percentage Calls Answered”

  • Added: users can now upload images to use as filter graphics or company logos. Supported file types are jpg, jpeg, png, webp, and svg.

  • Added: multi-tenant wallboard screens are now supported making accessibility and playlist configuring much more flexible.

  • Added: powerful new debug tools and logging to assist Discover support teams in replicating and diagnosing issues more quickly and easily.

  • Added: support for 21:9 ultrawide and 16:10 aspect ratio displays.

  • Added: new “flash” threshold animation so users can now draw attention to KPIs based on their value using dynamic animations.

  • Updated: displays will now show “Not Ready” as the agent state if the contact centre platform does not provide a not ready reason.

  • Updated: lowered the refresh rate of the health check data feed so the health check dashboard will now reflect license utilisation in real-time.

Wallboard and Dashboard Templates.

  • Added: two new template designs:

    • 'Two Queue Performance and Status'​

    • 'Two Queue Performance and Status (Vertical)'

Bug Fixes and Optimisations.

  • Optimised: all built-in templates for faster rendering.

  • Fixed: a distracting transition animation bug on agent status donuts.

  • Optimised: our renderer so displays, and screens load faster.

  • Fixed: the “Expected Wait Time” calculation to use the maximum value supplied by the contact centre platform instead of the average.

  • Optimisation: clean-up of internal logging resulting in a more responsive administration UI on lower end devices.

  • Added: logic to resolve an error where users enabled threshold formatting without selecting a threshold class.

  • Fixed: an error with the “Max Wait Time” calculation.

Known Issues.

  • The page number reference on multi-page lists used on some wallboard and dashboard templates are incompatible with the render optimisations included in this update so page number references have been temporarily removed.

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