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Custom Reporting Solutions

Out of the box reporting capabilities sometimes don’t cut it. Our experience in customising and creating reports across the range of AVAYA products means there’s a good chance we can make it do what you need it to do.

Reporting Process and Strategy

Many organisations continue to use inherited processes put together by Dave in the 90’s who is long gone and left no documentation - now those processes are untouchable because nobody knows how they work. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, we can simplify and create new processes to get you ready for an upgrade or migration, or just remove the guess work for your MI teams.

Call Flows

Improving call flows can reduce call abandonment and transfers, and provide menus that get your customers to the right place, first time. Whether it’s designing something new or configuring your ideas, we can help.


If you are in the market for new contact centre technology and AVAYA is on the short list, we can help cut through the blinding use of acronyms and provide no-nonsense answers.


Sometimes it feels like suppliers throw prerequisites at you without much guidance or context. We’ll cut through the “BS” and make sure you’re asking the right questions, and getting the right answers.


Email, web chat and call back are making their way into contact centres at a rapid pace, but implementing new channels isn’t enough, it has to be done right. Luckily, we know how.

Systems Testing and UAT

We will lead or assist during testing of your new or upgraded AVAYA technology - build test plans and advise on what you should be testing, and how to approach it. Our experience with AVAYA technology gives us an advantage during testing - fixing many issues before they are submitted to suppliers, ensuring everything remains on schedule.

Call and Agent Prioritisation

Agent prioritisation ensures your customer gets to the most capable agents, first time and with the shortest wait - all while managing agent workload to ensure an equitable system, increasing retention and reducing training costs. It’s more art than science so tact and experience in this domain is vital before throwing any switches.

Process Assessment

Every so often, you need to ask “Are my processes still relevant” to avoid falling into the trap of doing things that have always been done. An assessment helps us understand how your processes work and what the desired outcome is so we can recommend, and implement, changes to increase efficiency.

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