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More Data. More Insight.

Make faster, more intuitive decisions with stunning real time wallboards, a powerful feature set and a modern UI.

The team at Grey Space is extremely knowledgeable,
helpful, and versatile and have provided a

flawless product.


CJ Garzia, Senior ICT Executive

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At a Glance.

No Installs.

Remote Access.

Do absolutely everything via web browser with a modern, responsive UI, and no installs.

Teams can launch wallboards anywhere in the world using any device with a web browser.

Real-Time Refresh.

No Logins.

Wallboard KPIs update as frequently as every 2 seconds so you can take quick, decisive action.

Authenticate devices to launch wallboards securely without yet another set of credentials.

Features That Matter.

Visual Alerting.

Create rules to apply unique colours and animations dynamically to KPIs - so if your favourite contact centre KPI gets too low, or too high, you won’t miss it.

Real Time Messaging.

Push critical operational information out to every wallboard instantly. Keeping your teams up to date on all developments in your contact centre.

Show Only Relevant Data.

Lists are completely under your control. Define the order or create rules to determine which agent, skill, or routing data appears, and when.

Wallboard Playlists.

Using our wallboard playlist feature, a single device can be configured to rotate up to five different wallboards so you never have to compromise.

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Custom Wallboards.

If you want to put your own touch on a wallboard or create something new entirely - we’ve got you covered.

Our designers work with your team to create custom wallboards, ranging from the addition of corporate colours and branding to something brand new, built from the ground up to your exact specification.

contact centre custom wallboards

Plug and Play.


contact centre wallboard browser compatibility

Discover is compatible with Smart TVs, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones so you can launch wallboards from pretty much anywhere.

Rapid Deployment.

Discover is a true turn-key solution, so we'll have you up and running without a lengthy integration project.

Platform Compatibility.

  • Avaya Call Management System (CMS) R15+

  • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) 7.0+

  • Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) 7.0+

Custom Integration.


We are developing new connectors to enable us to integrate with other contact centre and CCaaS platforms so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch, we might surprise you.


Technical teams, we see you and we appreciate you so Discover includes the tools you need to make your lives easier.

Centralised Administration.

Make changes quickly, easily, and securely, managing every wallboard using only a web browser.

Real-Time Diagnostics and Logging.

Track server health and investigate issues with comprehensive logging available within the UI.

Session Control.

Maintain command and control of every active wallboard session from one place.


Asset and User Tenanting.

Separate configuration to allow contact centre users, or your clients to see only what you want them to see.

User Account Roles and Permissions.

Provide safe access for contact centre Team Leaders or unrestricted access to administrators.

Follow our journey.

In October 2021 we launched Discover 2.0. A complete reimagining of our real time wallboard solution with a brand new UI and massive new feature set ready for the next generation of CCaaS cloud solutions.

Today we work more closely with our users than ever to release frequent and focussed updates. Their collaboration has made Discover what it is today, and shapes what it becomes tomorrow.

Q1 2024


Discover 2.4 is our biggest update yet, with a complete refactor of our wallboard templates to take advantage of new features alongside massive UI upgrades to make our users' lives easier and create a great foundation for future updates.


  • Why should I work with Grey Space?
    We could talk about how great we think we are here but what matters most is what you get. So, what do you get? A boutique partner with a personal touch - our goal is to build a relationship, not complete a transaction. An enthusiastic and pragmatic team, all working hard to make sure every interaction with us completely meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations. A responsiveness, flexibility, and a focus that's just not possible with larger solution providers. A culture of transparency, our team speak plainly and honestly so you're always "in the loop". It sounds simple, but we like simple - it makes our lives easier, and we think yours too.
  • Why shouldn't I work with Grey Space?
    We're going to ask you a lot of questions. It is vital to us that we understand your business and your needs to make sure we're the right fit. We appreciate that level of enthusiasm isn't for everyone, and if a dedicated sales team, backed by a long company history, and corporate structure represents a stability that you value, then we might not be the right fit, and it's more important that you work with the right people than with us.
  • Where is Grey Space based?
    Our offices are in Glasgow, Scotland though we work, and deliver the majority of our solutions and professional services remotely which enables us to support our clients and partners all over Europe.
  • Do Grey Space provide professional services?
    Yes, we have a long history and deep expertise in contact centre solution design, implementation, consultancy, and training with the Avaya Contact Center suite of products - which eventually became the inspiration for our solutions. Check out our Services or get in touch to discuss your requirement, we'd love to help if we can.
  • Is Grey Space a systems integrator?
    No, we have spent a long time developing our solutions for a small number of contact centre platforms to allow us iterate, and perfect our process, focussing on reliability and repeatability so we can deploy our solutions quickly, and without the uncertainty that often comes with a custom integration. Our solutions and processes have matured to the point where we are now actively expanding the compatibility of our real-time wallboard, and data automation solutions to bring the same turn-key deployment model to a wider range of contact centre and CCaaS platforms. So watch this space and if you don't see your specific platform listed get in touch, because we might suprise you.


* Cloud hosting with Avaya Call Management System (CMS), Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) and Avaya Contact Centre Select (ACCS) requires our Data Collector service to be installed on-premises.

** Prices shown do not include VAT.

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