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Feature Release 2.3

Features, Changes, and Enhancements.

  • Added: Brand new render engine resulting in vastly improved performance:

    • Display launch and refresh times reduced.

    • Reduced the transition for displays in a playlist to near zero.

  • Added: New interactive screen controls so users can play/pause, skip to the next/previous display, maximise/minimise the browser window, or select a display directly from the playlist.

  • Updated: Display tenants and templates can now be changed after a display has been created thanks to the new render engine.

  • Added: New “Blink” threshold class animation.

  • Updated: Threshold Class animations moved from the element editor to the threshold class editor so users can select unique animations based on severity.

  • Changed: The name of the “Flash” threshold class animation to “Pulse” and refined the animation keyframes to make it more attention grabbing.

  • Updated: Users can now create threshold classes without colours, applying animations only to elements in the display.

  • Added: New “By Agent” filter method so users can now select agents during filter creation and queues will be added to the filter automatically based on the agent’s queue assignments.

  • Changed: The name of the “Explicit Queue” filter method to “By Queue” to compliment the new “By Agent” filter method and make its function clearer to new users.

  • Removed: Hybrid filtering method as it’s been superseded by the superior “By Agent” and “By Queue” filter methods.

  • Updated: Data Dictionary Manager and Agent State Editor UI colour presentation to improve accessibility for users suffering colour blindness.

  • Updated: The navigation and interaction experience throughout the UI to reduce friction for existing users and significantly improve the new user experience.

  • Updated: All information, warning, error, and toast messages throughout the UI to improve clarity and make administration faster and more intuitive.

  • Added: New delete interactions to the UI so administrators cannot accidentally delete important assets or delete assets without fully understanding the impact.

  • Added: Release Notes and version history to the About page so users can see what’s new.

  • Added: New hide filter functionality to displays using more than one filter, so now users can hide the parts of a display they don’t need.

  • Added: New buttons to the filter creator and editor so users can now view only selected content, unselected content, or all content as well as clear the contents of a filter with the “Clear Selected” button.

  • Added: Users can now edit or create new threshold classes directly from the element editor, no more back tracking through the Data Manager.

  • Added: New “Refresh All Sessions” and “End All Sessions” actions to the Active Sessions form so admin users can perform these actions much faster than before.

  • Added: The ability to disabled email features and UI references to those features for deployments on secure networks.

Wallboard and Dashboard Templates.

  • Added: List page labels back into all template using lists.

  • Added: Two new template designs.

    • Agent Status and Detail

    • Queue Status and Detail

Bug Fixes and Optimisations.

  • Added: New error handling and automatic recovery processes for displays and screens so users can get back up and running quickly if something goes wrong.

  • Updated: The drag and drop behaviour for creating playlists in the screen editor so it’s now a much more pleasant experience.

  • Fixed: A bug where the timestamp for the user account lockout was being shown in UTC instead of the server time zone.

  • Fixed: Message scheduling feature defaulting the start/date time to the date and time the message was originally created which was potentially confusing for users.

  • Optimised: Error handling and automated recover for live displays and screens where filters, threshold classes, or images are removed.

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