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Discover 2.3 Sneak Peak

The Discover 2.3 update is almost here and brings with it some massive changes on the front, and on the back end. It's been all hands on deck the last few months so I wanted to share what we've been working on and what's coming.

Wallboard Playlists Changes

The introduction of wallboard playlists in 2.0 has been a hit with our users so we thought it was only fair to spend the time to refine, and get the most out of this feature, which involved a two pronged attack:

To start, we experimented with caching in our render engine to reduce load times during wallboard to wallboard transitions in playlists but this was a little more successful than expected and has, in fact, elminated load times entirely. With playlists working better than ever we decided to move forward with our plans to add interactive controls so users can now pause, skip, or select a specific wallboard to display from the playlist.

After lots of design iteration both are stable and working in our test environment but we'll be spending a little longer than usual with the render engine changes to make sure everything is rock solid.

User Experience

We have performed a deep dive on the administration interface, this time, through the lens of the user experience. What resulted is a mountain of small, holistic additions and changes that have reduced user friction and made administering Discover a much more pleasant, and intuitive experience.

Wallboard Templates

As always, new templates will be coming. Right now we have two in concept ready for review while we test a potential new feature for paging through lists - watch this space.

What's Next?

We're making the final tweaks to a bunch of other features before deploying the final build to our test environment ready for formal testing next week and we'll share more detail as we get closer to release.


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