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Progress in Numbers

In October 2021 we launched Discover 2.0 which was rebuilt from the ground up with a brand-new UI, a bunch of optimisations and features, and a framework to support our aspirations for Discover going forward.

We had planned to stop throwing all our development resource at Discover but we’re having too much fun.

contact centre wallboard features infographic

In the last 6 months we’ve release four updates based on our own ideas and feedback from our users and we’ve just scoped the contents for a fifth to bundle with our .NET 6 migration. Here’s the not-boring stuff our users have been enjoying:

- New Wallboard Template Designs

- New KPI Filtering Options

- New Threshold Formatting Animations

- Automated Contact Centre and CCaaS Data Dictionary Synchronisation

- Automated User Password Resets

- Added 21:9 Ultrawide and 16:10 Wallboard Support

- New List Management Features

- New Tenanting Features

- Expanded User Roles and Permissions

We are concepting some big features I’m personally quite excited about and I can’t wait to bang my head off the desk wondering why the development environment is on fire.

You can follow the continued development of Discover using the Discover Timeline.


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