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Progress in Numbers

In October 2021 we launched Discover 2.0 which was rebuilt from the ground up with a brand-new UI, a bunch of optimisations and features, and a framework to support our aspirations for Discover going forward.

We had planned to stop throwing all our development resource at Discover but we’re having too much fun.

In the last 6 months we’ve release four updates based on our own ideas and feedback from our users and we’ve just scoped the contents for a fifth to bundle with our .NET 6 migration. Here’s the not-boring stuff our users have been enjoying:

- New Template Designs

- New Data Filtering Options

- New Threshold Formatting Animations

- Automated Data Dictionary Synchronisation

- Automated User Password Resets

- Added 21:9 Ultrawide and 16:10 Support

- New List Management Features

- New Tenanting Features

- Expanded User Roles and Permissions

We are concepting some big features I’m personally quite excited about and I can’t wait to bang my head of the desk wondering why the development environment is on fire.

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