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Failures, Auto-Recovery, and Humour

Contact Centre environments are more complex than ever, and while that complexity exists for good reason, it also brings with it more potential for things to go wrong. Discover delivers real-time contact centre wallboards and sits right at the end of a string of integrated contact centre platforms, applications, networks, and clients - there is a lot that can go wrong. To display the KPIs you need every few seconds, each part of that process needs to work flawlessly - day in, and day out.

The vast majority of the time this process serves up the data we need, but sometimes that doesn't happen, and we have prepared.

Discover has bespoke error handling for almost any curve ball that can be thrown at it and we've made sure that, where possible, Discover performs continuous checks to attempt auto-recovery as soon as the issue is resolved. If not, we'll provide users with all the information they need to understand the problem and the actions they need to take to achieve a resolution.

Problems are a bit of a taboo subject and we do hope you never see this, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of levity, even when things go wrong.


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