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Discover 2.4 Is Here!

The production build for Discover 2.4 is in my hands.

contact centre dashboard on a desktop monitor

The decision to delay release to Q1 2024 has allowed us to refine the experience massively across all devices and, with the extra time, we managed to sneak some further improvements in there so I'm beyond excited to get it out there and start hearing your feedback.

The last step in the critical path for us is to update the user guides, so while that's in progress I'll be back to share some the new features coming with 2.4. For all the folks eager to get their hands on 2.4, once we have a complete user guide our support team will be in touch to schedule a change window for the upgrade.

While I'm here, I'd like to say thank you in particular to the teams who have been so enthusiastic and engaged over the past few years. You have waited so patiently for some of the changes coming in Discover 2.4, and I do not think you will disappointed.




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