Voice is quickly becoming the premium channel. Whilst other media are growing, sometimes you just need to speak to someone.

Voice is quickly becoming the premium channel - sometimes your customers just need to speak to someone. Providing an efficient and customer friendly voice channel can set you apart from the competition.

Call Flows

We will create designs to enable the best experience for your customers whilst retaining functionality critical to your business.

Improving call flows can reduce call abandonment and transfers, and provide menus that get your customers to the right place, first time.

The result - agents can focus on servicing your customers, team leaders spend less time making reactive changes and your customers benefit from a great experience.

Handset and Softphone

Handset configuration can have a significant impact on how enabled your agents are to do their job. We can surface often overlooked functionality to empower agents to provide the best possible customer service.

Introducing one of AVAYA's softphones can unlock benefits such as screenpop and contact history - boosting customer engagement, reducing handle times and enhancing your image as a modern and innovative brand.

Agent and Call Prioritisation

Enabling features such as AVAYA's Business Advocate can improve contact centre performance and balance service levels across all of your queues.

Agent prioritisation ensures your customer gets to the most capable agents - all while managing your agents workload to ensure an equitable system where agents feel valued, leading to increased retention and reduced training costs.

We'll ensure the best combination of settings for you and tune the functionality to provide the best performance.


With AVAYA Aura Contact Center (AACC) or AVAYA Contact Center Select (ACCS) you may already have the tools required to bring your contact centre to the cutting edge with rich multimedia functionality.


Combine your agent interface for voice and email - bring email onto your AVAYA platform as a reportable channel and unlock benefits such as keyword analysis and preferred agent routing. Additionally, using the same skills based routing concept as voice removes many of the inherent problems of using a separate email solution such as cherry picking, prioritisation or the need to monitor inboxes.

Web Chat

Some of your customers like real-time communication but prefer to do things online. Web Chat will allow you capitalise on this preference and we can help you with many aspects of your design - from agent selection criteria to the mechanics and presentation of it on your website. Introducing Web Chat may be easier than you think.

Call Back

We think call back is a no brainer. Provided your agent utilisation isn't at 99.99%, AVAYA call back can offer a host of benefits such as capturing potential abandons, reducing peak volume and flattening agent utilisation. Customers love this, and if done right, agents will too.



There are limitless ways to configure an AVAYA product. Our experience enables us to identify the optimum configuration with your business, your users, and the future in mind to ensure that your platform is cost efficient today, and when the need for changes arise.

Business Continuity

Should the worst happen, you need to keep your contact centre operations running and your workforce safe.

With the right setup, we can ensure that calls are answered in the event of a site evacuation. We'll also streamline your process for invoking evacuation and help you develop and improve measures for your business continuity.

Ease of Administration

Supported by our designs, techniques such as the use of naming conventions and numbering ranges enable your administrators and support teams to manage your AVAYA platform more effectively.

It's about maximising your time, minimising human error and reducing complexity so changes you need to make can happen faster.

Expansion and Development

Your business will change and your technology needs to keep up - our design process considers not just what your business looks like today but what it will look like in the future. We'll ask the right questions to ensure our configuration enables you to develop and enhance all aspects of your AVAYA system going forward. 

A futureproof configuration keeps costs down and ensures you are in a position to expand your technology alongside your business without the need for an expensive and risky technology refresh.


AVAYA reporting solutions aren't one size fits all. Our experience in both routing and reporting lets us consider the big picture to make sure you get everything you need and nothing you don't.


How your routing works directly affects what your reporting data looks like. This data also needs to feed into conversations about what is and isn't working in your call flows. By understanding both, we can ensure performance measures are accurate and your call flows support your reporting goals.

We understand the impact of data used for Work Force Management (WFM). Although not WFM experts, we can recommend a routing approach to provide forecasts built upon accurate data to support how you plan and staff your contact centre.


Out of the box reporting capabilities sometimes won't cut it. We have substantial experience in customising and creating reports across the range of AVAYA products. We'll use our knowledge of your business to ensure that customised reports accurately support your business goals.

Stop combining reports in Excel and performing time consuming calculations and let us present the data you want, how you want it.


We can help you leverage your AVAYA reporting product so your data is available in ways that are more useful to your business. This includes warehousing of your data in your own databases or setting up direct access to the product's database.

Let's reduce unnecessary overhead on your MI team and ensure you conform to data protection and regulatory legislation.