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Broadcast Announcements with Avaya Communication Manager

In an earlier blog we spoke about using an optional announcement in your call flow design to play messages to customers prior to queuing with the aim of encouraging abandons before they ever reach a queue.

We call it a "Broadcast Announcement" and it's a great addition to any call flow design. But with a little extra work, we can supercharge it.


Depending on the processes in your contact centre, recording a message and having it added to a call flow can be a bureaucratic nightmare. So, when you find yourself with a specific message you need to play to your customers today and no recording handy, you’ve got a lot to get done in little time.

What if you could record the message using a handset, and what if that audio file was added automatically to the broadcast announcement in your call flow?

It's Actually Pretty Easy

With some configuration and permission changes on your Avaya Communication Manager it’s possible to enable the handset at your desk to record announcements directly onto your phone system.

It's a little less professional than a studio recorded announcement but it is the very definition of flexibility and allows the folks on the ground to respond immediately, and precisely, in the face of virtually any situation.

Using your handset, follow these steps:

1. Key *10 (This can differ from system to system, speak to your IT or Telecoms team to confirm)

2. Enter the announcement number (Again, if you're not sure, speak to your IT or Telecoms team)

3. Key 1 to begin recording

4. Record message

5. Hang up…quietly, smashing the handset into the base unit is likely to give customers a shock.

That’s it. If you’re using the broadcast announcement concept covered in our earlier blog, all that’s left to do is to enable the broadcast announcement and it’ll start playing to customers immediately. If not, your final task is to have your IT/Telecoms team update your call routing to use your broadcast announcement.

It's a Big Time Saver

The way you’re doing it now relies on a number of different people: creating a script, getting a recording, uploading the recording and updating your call flow design. There are too moving pieces that can slow or halt your progress.

The recording won’t be studio quality but the purpose is to deliver an accurate message to your customers in a timely manner.

What About The Dangers?

In the wrong hands this could be abused, yes, but Avaya thought of this.

The ability to record announcements via handset is disabled by default and requires a change to handset permissions to make it possible. The flexibility is there to give permission to a single handset which can be secured by code or through physical security but it’s common practice for Team Leaders and Managers to have the capability.

The Science Bit

As I mentioned, there is some back end configuration required - it’s straight forward and low-risk but a little complex for a blog. Describe the requirement to your IT or Telecoms team and they are likely to be able to make the changes quite quickly, and as always, get in touch if you have any questions.


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