I once ordered a cup of tea in a hotel. Expecting a perfectly functional cup and saucer I was surprised to be presented with a tea pot and infuser, pre-warmed cup and an individually wrapped biscuit.

This experience represents the Grey Space ethos - it’s not just about getting the job done but going beyond expectation to deliver the best possible result.
— Laurie


With over a decade of contact centre experience, I think I can say I've found my vocation.

I've worked for some of the biggest outsource providers in the world. I worked for Dell, providing workforce planning services across three continents. Throughout my career I've worked in real-time and resource planning functions, MI development, and I started out by answering phones. I've seen most aspects of contact centre life.

For five years at Sabio (a leading contact centre technology provider) I delivered cutting edge contact centre solutions for some household names. Working across almost the entirety of AVAYA's product set, I was the go-to guy for anything related to contact centre reporting.

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Knowledge seeker, whiteboard artist and provider of AVAYA contact centre solutions.

I spent the first four years of my career writing code and doing some cool things with IBM zSeries mainframes. In 2013, I saw an opportunity and made the leap to contact centres.

Since then, I have delivered small scale to enterprise level projects, consultancy and training in more countries than I have fingers.

My background gifts me a unique perspective in the industry and serves to enhance my proposition as the guy who can make your contact centre run like a well-oiled machine.

My 'mantra', if you like, is that if something has my name on it, it better be the best version of that thing and so I find myself completely at home in an industry, and a role, where innovation and effort reaps rewards.

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