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Bespoke Wallboards.

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Looking Good.


Features Tab

Combine data from multiple sources to display on a single wallboard in real-time.

Wallboard accessible on any web enabled device on or off your network (your choice)

Cloud based so you get feature updates as long as you’re subscribed.

The Back End Azure/AWS - robust and proven platform. (Maybe not features - specs or compatibility or we have another tab “For Nerds”)

Front End - Wallboard designs are bespoke - reflect your company image, impress visitors etc.

Process - We’ll walk you through the process of getting a wallboard you’re proud to have on display. Element Palette approach.

Admin interface - make your own changes at your own pace. Training included to get your started.

Tabs - Features (bespoke wallboards) - how we do it (the process) - the future (changes, support, updates), pricing? (makes sense here but contrasts with Adapt).

Update the infographic to be sketched and include make the cloud part clear.

Easy is good.


Discover is hosted entirely on an Azure Windows virtual server so there is nothing for you to deal with other than open firewall ports. That’s it, we’ll deal with the rest.

Redundancy/High Availability

Do we charge more to keep HA VMs running? Azure quote 99.9% uptime on a single instance VM. This should be optional since it’s not really service affecting and we can pose a more attractive price but not rolling mandatory redundancy into a single price.

Things and Stuff.


Discover integrates with AVAYA Call Management System (CMS) and AVAYA Aura Contact Centre (AACC).


Displays (resolutions, aspect ratios, inputs)

We’ve got your back.

Subscription model so support is included

Changes aren't - those are a separate

Unlimited Support

Adapt doesn’t break - there I said it. We’re so confident we offer 12 months unlimited support from the moment you go live. If something goes wrong with Adapt, we will fix it for you immediately.


Change is inevitable.

Business and therefore data requirements change over time - that’s why we’ll walk you through everything and include documentation to enable you make changes as and when you need them.

If you need help or advice, we’re a phone call away.

Already a customer?

If you’re having trouble with Discover click here to raise a ticket and we’ll be right with you.