Making the Most of Your Product

From either a technical perspective or an operational one, your business may have gaps in it's knowledge about how best to leverage your AVAYA product. Our product experience can shine a light on previously unknown features to drive a real return on investment.

The scope for impact is huge - from simple agent productivity increases, to reducing your product licensing costs. We'll document our recommendations and ensure our advice is straight forward and focussed on improvements for your business.

What Are You Doing Wrong?

If you're migrating from one telephony system to another or if you've been using the same products for years, you should be asking yourself: "Are my processes still relevant?". The phrase "that's how we've always done it" is often used and we'll challenge you to consider the most important point - why?

We ensure the relationship between your technology and your processes is in-sync so you don't have to allocate time and money to make an outdated process fit.

Understanding the Sales Pitch

Are you in the market for an AVAYA product? You probably want to know what AVAYA can do for you - in plain English.

In our experience, sales teams lean so heavily on jargon and industry buzz words, it can be difficult to understand what it all means and more importantly, what it means for you. If you need an AVAYA expert to sit in on a pitch or decrypt a Request For Proposal (RFP) - we can help.

We understand business and we understand AVAYA - we can bridge the gap and provide truly impartial advice whether you decide to choose AVAYA or not.


Recruiting your own expert can be tricky given the breadth of the AVAYA product set. We know what to look for so we can assist with your recruitment process. That might involve vetting CVs, supporting telephone interviews, devising assessment centre questions or tasks, and even sitting in on interviews with you.

Let us make sure you get the expert you need.