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Capture More Detail in Your Contact Centre Data

From a customer experience perspective, a three-option menu with concise language is a huge success but fails in capturing the breadth of enquiry your agents deal with every day and neglects any nuance in your operational data.

Using the Avaya "Call Work Codes" feature, we can get back some of that nuance.

Call Work Codes are identifiers defined by you to represent a call type, or call outcome. They are entered by an agent during or after a call to categorise the call more precisely than a queue or skill might and makes this available in historical reports.

Why is This Important?

A customer selected “Customer Service” from your menu, but what did they really want? To make a booking? To make a complaint? To order a pizza?

Each of these things say something about your customer behaviour, your call routing or in the case of the pizza, maybe a marketing issue. Every agent has insider knowledge that is never recorded, Call Work Codes unlock that information.

It's Easier Than You Think

A few Avaya products have this capability out of the box:

  • Avaya Call Management System (CMS)

  • Avaya IQ

  • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC)

  • Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)

In true Avaya style, the terminology differs from product to product: Call Work Codes; Activity Codes; and Classifications are all different names for the same concept but the important thing is, it's there and ready to use.

For simplicity, I’ll continue to use Call Work Codes as an umbrella term here.

The Good

If your contact centre reporting is powered by one of the above products, you have everything you need. Implementation is simple, low risk and flexible regardless of your product.

Once enabled, you’ll have the ability to set the entry of Call Work Codes, per skill, and to be optional or forced. This allows you to be precise and deliberate - pilot and introduce the concept, then target areas where Call Work Codes will support your team or company objectives.

The Bad, The Ugly, and The Awareness

The emphasis on a change like this needs to be operational. Consider training, how Call Work Codes fit into your processes and what this enhanced dataset will help you accomplish.

The hard truth is, this won’t work everywhere and its effectiveness is contingent on the implementation, and agent buy in and behaviour. It is vital to educate agents on the use of Call Work Codes and the importance of their accuracy to ensure integrity of your reporting.

This isn’t about just getting more data - it’s about increasing the resolution of the data you already have and giving you something actionable.

If you have any questions about Call Work Codes, or anything really, we're happy to help so get in touch.


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