Using our industry and product knowledge, we'll understand your business to create innovative and robust solutions, ensuring you extract every bit of your investment in your technology and in us.


Grey Space is the culmination of 15 years’ experience in the contact centre and AVAYA technology space.

Providing services to new, existing or potential AVAYA contact centres, our bespoke approach focuses on realising technology potential and ensuring related business processes are in harmony.

Our compact footprint makes us agile and allows us to exact a high standard on each and every piece of work. Our differentiator? We don’t sell AVAYA. Our only agenda is to get the most from the technology, making it work better for the business it serves.

Laurie McLaughlin



We have authored designs for AVAYA contact centres in over twenty countries and have refined methods to create designs which bring your business and technology together.

To achieve this, we'll host design sessions with key stakeholders to understand how your business works and using our findings, create a routing and reporting solution that maximises the benefits of your AVAYA technologies.


Having led major implementations across the majority of the AVAYA contact centre product set, we're more than at home building our designs, or yours.

We will configure your product using industry best practice and techniques we have developed through our extensive experience.

If you have an existing design or just need help tweaking your current setup - we can help with that too.


We get a buzz out of consultancy. We have helped businesses make significant improvements to their operations without the need for new products or technology.

Our approach is entirely bespoke. Recommendations we make are specific to you and your business. Nobody else.

We'll identify and leverage the technical capabilities of your products and if needs be, adjust your business processes to match.


Our implementation background gives us an advantage over other trainers - we use these products in the real world.

We have trained hundreds of delegates of various roles and technical aptitude. We have taught one-on-one and full classrooms both in the UK and abroad.

Our training delivery is tailored to your role, how you use the products and aims to give you hands-on time.