Discover : The Perfect Wallboard

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When I talk with new or prospective AVAYA customers about reporting, we need to establish three important points; what the products do, what they don't do and what the customer wants them to do.

What have I learned from these discussions? AVAYA know reporting, really well - it's rare that a reporting product falls short of expectation when it comes to providing data and more often than not, it exceeds it. That said, those same products lack the flexibility required to create a really powerful, and let's be honest, a great looking wallboard.

I reject your reality and substitute my own

Our response – Discover. Designed to work with AVAYA CMS, Discover extracts and processes real-time and historical data without any installation or licensing changes to the CMS server. This mechanism enables us to deliver fully bespoke web-based wallboards at low cost and really raises the bar in terms of what we can do with information, design and branding.


The most exciting thing for me, is the ability to blend AVAYA data with external sources such as CSAT, Work Force Management, social media or the weather.

Sounds great on paper

A product without a process isn’t going to work though, right? That’s why Discover is the combination of the product, and our process of collaborating with the customer to design wallboards unique and specific to them – something super powered they can be proud to have on display in their contact centre.

It's pretty cool stuff

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Laurie McLaughlin