One Year Old


Double Celebration

Christmas 2017 isn't just the end of the year for us - it's the end of our first year as a company.

Over the last 11.57 months we've laughed, we've high fived and I hit my knee off a table one time - it's been a rollercoaster. Our ideas and expectations have been challenged at every turn and a lot of lessons have been learned, so to spice up an otherwise standard thank you blog, I'd like to share a few of them:


The Idea We Stuck With - "Be Stubborn"

Remember why you started, never lose sight of it and be prepared to sacrifice short term wins for long term goals.

The Lesson We Learned - "Be Patient"

Your website visits won't melt the internet on day one and that's OK. Keep grinding, if you put in the work, things will happen.

The One We're Working On - "Let it Go"

Perfection is everything, but sometimes the temptation to keep improving a piece of work is hard to resist. There comes a point where the improvement curve flattens and time is wasted - let it go.


We’d like to say thank you to all of the people who have recommended us, commented on, liked and shared our content and to all the people who got in touch just to see how things were going.

To everyone we’ve worked with in 2017, it’s been a blast and we’ll see you in 2018 - it’s going to be a big year.

Grey Space out.

Laurie McLaughlin