My Friends at Deezer


This September, I could’ve spent a lot of my time speaking to robots or waiting in call queues but, thanks to my friends at Deezer, that wasn’t the case.


Deezer are a music streaming service, occupying the same sphere as Google Play, Apple Music and Spotify. If you haven’t heard of them it’s because, as of May 2017, their share of the streaming market is less than 3%. Crucially for me though, Deezer are partnered with BMW offering full integration with the iDrive system in my car. Well played Deezer.

First world problems

After splashing out on the BMW subscription I jumped into the car to synchronise it with my Deezer account. A few button presses later I’m asked “Do you have an existing Deezer account?”. Why yes I do...

“ERROR – User Already Exists”

Unsure why existing would be problem I decide to try the only other option ‘No, create account’…

“ERROR – User Already Exists”

At the time, I didn’t see the funny side but if you knew how long it takes to write your email address into the BMW iDrive system, you’d understand.

Solutionising Pt I

After some troubleshooting and Googling, I concluded that I wouldn’t be able to solve this alone so I jumped onto the Deezer website and with next to no effort, found and initiated a web chat.

After explaining my issue, the agent (for privacy, let’s call him Dave) suggested cancelling my existing Deezer subscription to apply the BMW subscription fresh and avoid any conflict. I agreed and braced myself for the inevitable transfer to another department where I would have to explain once more that my car doesn’t want me to exist.


Dave went silent for a moment before explaining he had cancelled my existing subscription and had issued a full refund despite my having used the service for months. Dave explained that cancellation can take a few days to take effect and he’d leave the ticket open until I have confirmed resolution.

Dave - if you’re reading this, you’re invited to my birthday party.

Solutionising Pt II

I attempted the synchronisation every day without any progress so, after a week, I’m back onto the Deezer website. Readying my notes to cover the issue and timeline efficiently, I begin a new web chat…no way, I’m back through to Dave!

Together, after discovering twenty new ways a BMW subscription won’t work, we agreed the issue was likely BMW-side. Deezer have done their part here and I was ready to be moved on to take up my problem with BMW.

Wrong again

Dave could have justifiably sent me packing right there, but instead of washing his hands of me Dave offered to deal with BMW on my behalf via their internal partnership channel.

To do so, Dave would need a copy of the BMW subscription invoice. Before I could grab it from my inbox an option appeared in the web chat window allowing me to drag and drop the invoice for upload directly to Dave. Show off.

Not all heroes wear capes

At this point I’m super impressed but Dave isn’t done. As a workaround, Dave applied a fresh Deezer and BMW subscription to my account to tide me over until he received a response from BMW.

The sceptic in me said this would be the last I heard from Deezer on the matter but true to form, I was wrong. A couple of days later Dave drops me an email to apologise, explaining BMW haven’t responded yet, a couple of weeks after that a senior advisor contacted me via email to say they’ve found a resolution.

After a quick exchange of emails with that advisor, I had Deezer in my car and Deezer had a customer for life.

What did I learn?

At the time? Nothing, I just wanted “instant and unlimited access to the music I love”. In retrospect, I realised I had witnessed a customer experience masterclass and it got me thinking, why?

1.       The Technology

I moved seamlessly between contact channels with no loss of information, brand or service consistency.

2.       The Process

Having the technology isn’t enough, it needs to be implemented well - from finding contact details easily on the website to starting a web chat twice and speaking to the same agent, it was easy and convenient.

My issue was tracked, escalated and followed up, and every agent involved was as informed as the last.

3.       Agent Enablement

Using my data point of one, it at least appears that Deezer provide their agents with the tools, training and responsibility they need to provide outstanding service.


As a customer, I’m worth around £119.88 per year to Deezer and at the time I had spent an awful lot less than that.

In a world where consumers have so many options it’s customer experience that can differentiate.

Laurie McLaughlin