The Grey Space Training Experience

When you book a training session with Grey Space, that’s not all you’ll get. We’ll share more than theory, we'll share our experience, and get to the root of your needs so you get tangible value. Read on for an example of the practical knowledge Craig brings to the Grey Space experience.

Setting the scene

A local government client had requested a simple custom reporting training session on their Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) system, a product that had been in place for around two and a half years.

A discovery

Craig’s exploration of client requirements and expectations identified that, while there was a need for reporting training, there were wider issues with the client’s understanding of call routing processes. Unaddressed, these would have impacted the value of the requested training session.

The head-on approach

Craig’s practical experience of these products beyond just training allowed him to step back from the session and explore exactly how the routing was working - identifying discrepancies between client expectations and actual operation. He was able to both recommend fixes and improvements, and provide more valuable training as a result.

Back on track

The training’s original scope was delivered on time, plus the client ended the session with more than just the knowledge of how to build custom reports. They learned how to streamline their routing system and improve their customer experience.