The Grey Space Implementation Experience

It’s almost impossible to account for everything when you’re building a complex contact centre solution. If the unforeseen happens, our approach ensures we can accommodate with minimal impact to the project. Laurie’s flexibility in this example demonstrates a key component of the Grey Space experience.

The task

Create an Avaya Call Management System (CMS) custom report for a travel client to provide statistics on incoming calls from multiple numbers used in a marketing campaign. The marketing team would use these to assess the effectiveness of their campaign material. Laurie travelled to site to meet with the client and implement the report.

Digging deeper

Discussing the specifics of the requirement, Laurie identified potential issues with the data feed from the core telephony platform – Avaya Communication Manager (CM). A hands-on assessment of the configuration confirmed it was unable to support the planned report.

In this case the implementation of the technology was spot on but failed to support the needs of the business. Understanding both business and technology, Laurie was able to identify and reconcile this disconnect.

No disassemble

Laurie recommended that development of the custom report be halted to address the data feed issue. The client agreed and Laurie engaged with their telephony engineers to understand the current routing configuration. A series of changes were defined to enable the Avaya Communication Manager (CM) to provide sufficient data to power the custom report, and a window agreed to deploy those changes.

Laurie implemented the custom report prior to the change window, then completed and tested the telephony changes. The remainder of the time was used to validate the new report to ensure it met the requirement.

Doing it right

Understanding both business and technology enabled Laurie to address the disconnect and define a new routing process to support not only the custom report, but future marketing campaigns. In the time allocated he went beyond the scope to provide the client with a full understanding of the process and a superior configuration on which to build.