The Grey Space Design Experience

A good design goes beyond figuring out where to send calls or how make a report work. We’ll get to know you and design a strategy and solution to meet your business needs. This example illustrates how Craig’s pragmatism enhances the Grey Space experience.

Made to measure

The task was to design several custom reports for future deployment on a new Avaya Call Management System (CMS). This was part of a larger project for a utilities company, involving migration from another platform to a newly deployed, all Avaya solution.

Understanding the requirement

Craig hosted a series of workshops involving representatives from the resource planning and management information (MI) teams as well as operational leaders and representatives of IT.

The key requirement was to balance industry regulatory requirements with the group’s own objectives. Through the workshops, Craig identified, that custom reports would neither address these complex requirements nor the long-term viability of the reporting processes.

The bigger picture

Providing custom reports would have been useful in the short to medium term, and would have covered only the Automated Call Distribution (ACD) component of the solution. Craig proposed an alternative wider reaching MI strategy, encompassing both IVR and ACD data. This was possible due to his experience in designing and implementing these solutions and a real-world understanding of how they’re used.

The best possible outcome

Craig worked with the client’s database administrators to both develop and implement the strategy. He provided training on the database structures, designed robust database queries for the Avaya ACD and IVR data, and validated the outputs produced by the client during their testing.

The strategy allowed for future expansion to include other solution components, such as quality monitoring, to create an end to end MI view of the customer experience. The result was a more valuable data set, with better customer insights, and a platform which supported both regulatory requirements and the client’s own objectives.