The Grey Space Consultancy Experience

Consultancy is what you make of it. What we bring to the table is objectivity and transparency. You’ll get an honest assessment and our out of the box approach may provide you with new solutions and ideas. This example shows Laurie’s commitment to putting the client first – the cornerstone of the Grey Space experience.

The story

Laurie was brought in as part of a team by a major UK utility company to assess the feasibility of a product upgrade. The client historically used Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) for voice and a number of individual solutions to power their multi-channel contact centre. The proposition was to upgrade the AACC to leverage newly available Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to create a unified agent interface delivering voice, email, web chat and SMS and integrating fully with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

The assessment

Asking the right questions of the technology owners, it emerged that the current platform was not being fully exploited and perhaps a costly upgrade wasn’t the answer. By migrating email, web chat and SMS from the individual solutions to their current AACC, the requirement of a unified agent interface could be fulfilled using the included Avaya Agent Desktop (AAD) application, which also has the capability to integrate with CRM.

As a welcome side effect, simplifying the technology estate and consolidating their reporting suite would also significantly reduce operating costs.

Focus shift

Meeting with the proposed unified interface developer, Laurie sought to understand the technical drivers behind the procurement. Working with agents and managers, he explored how the technology was being used on the ground and assessed whether hosting all contact channels exclusively on AACC would provide the functionality the client required.

Laurie’s preliminary conclusion was, the existing AACC could deliver near functional parity and that any limitations were surmountable if the client remained open to operational and process changes.


Laurie proposed reinvestment in the current platform be given consideration as an alternative to a costly upgrade. He widened the discussion to include: the cost benefits associated with migrating multimedia channels onto the existing AACC; the benefits of consolidated reporting; and simplification of the technology estate.

By viewing the requirement objectively and with a fresh perspective, Laurie ensured that the client had all the options and information required to achieve the best possible outcome.