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If this is your first stop on the Discover road map, you've missed some good stuff.

Click the image to check out 'Part I : The Front End' for an introduction to Discover and a look at the data and design possibilities of a Discover wallboard.

Only a Piece of the Puzzle

Early on, we realised clever code alone wasn't enough to create a great wallboard design, to do that, we needed a process. Today we're going to talk through how we get from a requirement, an idea or even a concept, all the way to a fully fledged wallboard.

Proper Preparation...

Step one is to provide you with our 'primer' document - this will prepare you for the questions we will ask at the design workshop stage and the information we are likely to need to put together concept art for your future wallboard.

Some of the questions may seem strange at first but there is method to our madness:

Why are we asking about pain points with contact center performance?

It's our job to make your wallboard actionable and sometimes the obvious answer isn't the right one when it comes to using real-time data for intra-day management.

For example, if service level is a KPI and we only watch that, we can only react once service level has been impacted. By understanding your processes and your customers' behaviour, we can look at additional statistics that may precede a drop in service level, giving us a window to prevent it.

Why are we asking about the size and shape of your contact centre floor and size of your displays?

These questions help us determine an overall scale and style of the wallboard. For large areas, oversized and simplistic elements are preferred to maintain readability for agents farthest from any given display.

There many more questions included that make the subsequent design workshop as streamlined as possible - ensuring there are no delays and we can focus our line of questioning during the workshop so there's no wasted time.

The Design Workshop

Next, we'll host a design workshop at your place or ours. This is where we'll combine your idea, industry best practice and our experience to create a concept for your wallboards.

We'll start with a high level discussion about the drivers behind your wallboards and your thoughts on look and feel to give us a basis for the discussions. Together, we'll work towards concept art:

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To make things as easy as possible on the day, we provide examples of elements, styling, and complete wallboards.

Now it's time for us to head home and get to work on a prototype.

The Prototype

Here, we'll use the concept art as a base and our notes to expand on the ideas discussed at the workshop, ultimately, creating a final design. Once complete, we'll provide you with the prototype design alongside a document explaining each component of the design and how they align with your requirements.

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With the prototype in hand, you'll have opportunity to discuss feedback and changes with us. If required, we'll implement any changes and present the design for sign-off before we build it.

Day Zero

We will complete the build of your wallboards remotely, and when you're ready, we'll visit you to hook everything up and run tests to make sure everything is working as it should.

The Ropes

We include a training course and materials with Discover to get you up and running with the administration interface so you're ready to make changes after day one.

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Where To Next?

'The Android App’ is available to read right now, click the image below.

Laurie McLaughlin