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Click the image to check out 'Part I : The Front End' for an introduction to Discover and a look at the data and design possibilities of a Discover wallboard.


One of the things we wanted to do with Discover was provide the ability for the end user to change and tweak wallboards beyond day one.

The skills and the appetite are out there for more control and more independence so Discover is bundled with a set of browser based administrative tools giving you the ability to make changes on the fly without help from us, or IT.

Striking A Balance

It's not about providing access to everything, in practice, that doesn't work. It's about providing access to only the features you'll need and ensuring the changes you make are as easy as possible. We designed the adminstration interface around three principals.


Control vs Options

An overwhelming number of options creates 'noise', often hiding useful features, increasing percieved complexity and necessitating additional training.

The administration interface must contain everything you'll need, and nothing you won't.

Control vs Complexity

Unlimited complexity means you can do just about anything, but at the cost of usability.

The administration interface must be powerful but intuitive and easy to use. No command lines, no database queries, no IT degree required.

Control vs Risk

Increased control comes with increased risk.

The administration interface options must be clear and service affecting components restricted using role based permissions to provide increased access to admin users and safe access to everyone else.


Show Me The Money!

Below is a sample of the functionality of the administration interface to give you an idea of what you'll see and what you can do on day one.

Data Dictionary

Manage skills, VDNs and agents for use in your wallboards. Give your data items names and link them to the data source or data sources of your choice.


Manage agent, skill or VDN groups to aggregate data in way that matches your operation rather than how your technology is configured.

Blog_The Back End_Groups_JPEG.jpg


Create and update calculations quickly and easily so what's on display on your wallboards remain in-line with your operation.

Blog_The Back End_Calculations_JPEG.jpg


Thresholds allow you to apply conditional formatting to any of the data displayed in your wallboards. Grab peoples

Blog_The Back End_Thresholds_JPEG.jpg


Add, remove or edit administration interface users from here. The role applied to a user determines what they'll see in the main menu and what they can do within the administration interface.

Blog_The Back End_Users_JPEG.jpg
Blog_The Back End_Users_1_JPEG.jpg

Batteries Included

To soften the curve, Discover includes a training course and materials to get you started with the administration interface.

The Future Is Bright

We continue to experiment with the UI and will do so beyond release. Our intention is to expand the adminstration capabilities while maintaining the balance of functionality, usability and risk.

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Where To Next?

'The Design Process' is available to read right now, click below for fun.

Laurie McLaughlin