When is an Agent in AUX, but Not?

Have you ever checked your wallboard to find ten calls in queue, two agents on calls, and ten in AUX?

There’s an App for That

One of the lesser used features of Avaya Communication Manager is ‘Interruptible AUX’. This allows the system to make agents in selected AUX codes available to service incoming calls without intervention from your Team Leaders.

It’s a safety net - You can’t plan for everything and when that spike in calls arrives this could be the difference between hitting, or missing your target service level or CSAT.

Make It So

At a high level, there are three steps to get you up and running.

  1. Select the AUX codes you’d like to interrupt

  2. Select the skills you’d like to interrupt and the conditions under which it’ll happen

  3. Select agents and how to interrupt them

Which Codes?

This is where we’d look at your AUX codes and determine which are likely to be selected by an agent remaining at their desk. Good examples are Admin or Email – the agent is working but the activity is not real-time - these are the AUX codes to target for interrupt.

When to Interrupt

Which AUX codes we interrupt is only part of the story – the next step is to define the conditions under which we want to interrupt agents. There are three options:

Option Description
Calls Warning Threshold The number of calls in queue on the relevant skill exceeds the defined threshold
Time Warning Threshold Max wait time in queue on the relevant skill exceeds the defined threshold
Service Level Threshold Service level for the relevant skill drops below defined threshold

Two threshold values are set, one to activate and one to deactivate the Interruptible AUX feature.

Who to Interrupt

Interruptible AUX gives you the ability to not only select agents but which of their assigned skills can be interrupted and how. Once you have selected the desired skills you can choose from the following methods to interrupt:

Type Description
Auto-in-interrupt Sends call automatically to agent; agent placed into the available state after the call.
Manual-in-interrupt sends call automatically to agent; agent placed into the ACW state after the call.
Notify-interrupt Displays a "You are needed” message on the agents’ handset screen accompanied by an audible chirp.

What Next?

You have an enormous amount of flexibility to make Interruptible AUX behave exactly how you need it to behave and the configuration options allow you to target specific teams or agents, so it’s ideal for a small-scale pilot.

Laurie McLaughlin