What Is Omni-Channel Anyway?

A Definition

Omni-Channel is a concept which allows your customers to move between different contact channels as part of a single on-going conversation.

For example, a customer might browse an online store, start a web chat to discuss an item, and call to arrange delivery. Through each step of the interaction the contact centre agent (or agents) should have context of what the customer was looking at on the website and the agent answering the call should see what was discussed on the web chat.


Putting that capability at your agents’ finger tips is likely to be a lengthy and costly exercise and if you’re a smaller organisation, you may simply not have the resources to implement it. Omni-Channel might feel like it’s out of reach.

A Solution?

Organisations using AVAYA Aura Contact Center (AACC) or AVAYA Contact Center Select (ACCS) may already have a solution at their disposal. AACC/ACCS natively tracks the history of multi-media interactions – such as email and web chat. This history is easily accessible to your agents through the Agent Desktop application and even provides transcripts of those conversations. Your agent having the context of previous conversations could have a powerful effect on customer satisfaction.

But what about voice? Although it’s not enabled out of the box, it’s straight forward to turn on contact history for voice contacts. Additionally, Agent Desktop’s built-in notes feature allows context to be given to the contacts – these are logged as part of the contact history.

Too Good to be True?

Actually, it’s all true. The only requirement to create this unified approach is that AACC/ACCS is aware of your customers’ email addresses and phone numbers. If you’re already using email or web chat, most of this detail is already being captured as part of a customer record within AACC/ACCS. These records can be easily updated by the agent either during or after a contact.

A New Reality

Omni-Channel probably doesn’t seem that far away any more. With a product you already own, you have the flexibility to fulfil the most critical element of the Omni-Channel experience -  and you can do it at low cost, minimal effort, and zero downtime.

With agents’ awareness of contact history via any of your channels, customers are impressed that they don’t have to repeat themselves and agents feel empowered to provide great customer service.

Craig Hunter