The Secret of the Headset Button

Some Notes

This CC Hack does include slightly more technical detail than we would normally include but don’t let that put you off. If you have any questions on it, get in touch.

This issue and the solution only apply to the Avaya Communication Manager. Also, only if your phones are registered via H.323. Handsets registered via SIP behave differently.

The Button Conundrum

Avaya provide loads of settings which allow you to control your agents’ behaviour when they answer a call, for example: calls being answered on a headset by default. You will have noticed, however, that the benefits of a headset can be demolished by something as simple as your agent nudging or lifting their handset. Disaster! They’ve been logged out. Worst case, you’ll find:

  • You’ve got one less agent answering your calls

  • The agent wonders why their colleagues are receiving calls and they aren’t – chances are they won’t flag this for a while

  • They’re no longer reported on – either in your contact centre or WFM reports

  • The agent’s schedule adherence and daily stats are affected

What Can I Do About It?

One of those behaviour settings I talked about can help. If you have access to administer your Communication Manager, you need to look in the “feature-related system parameters” form for a setting called “Block Hang-up by Logged-in Auto Answer Agents”. By default, the setting is “n” (meaning it’s disabled). All you need to do is change it to “y” and save the form.

Voila. Agents are no longer logged out by a single, seemingly innocuous action.

The great thing about the setting is that you don’t need to restart anything. It’s entirely non-service affecting, your agents don’t need to log out and back in for it to take effect, and it doesn’t require any specialist knowledge.


If your phones already have a “release” button configured, your agents probably won’t notice a difference. If you don’t, it’s likely that they’ll be lifting and replacing the handset or pressing the headset button to end their calls. As those behaviours won’t work anymore, you should speak with your IT/Telecoms team to get the button set up.

As always, we’re here if you need some pointers.

Craig Hunter