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What is AVAYA?

They're one of the leading vendors in business collaboration and communication solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video, contact centre and networking to companies of all sizes around the world. Their market share is greater than 35% in both revenue and agent license shipments - the two key measures used to determine who's on top.

What do they do?

AVAYA manufactures hardware - such as telephones and servers - as well as software used to make your contact centre tick. AVAYA also offers products to help with your multichannel strategy.

Take a look at the list of AVAYA products supported by us.

Where does Grey Space fit in?

We offer design, implementation, consultancy, and training services for AVAYA products. By specialising in AVAYA we bring a depth of product knowledge and expertise you won't get from product agnostic service providers, and as we don't resell AVAYA products we have the luxury of impartiality.

Our role is to support companies who are considering or currently have a contact centre powered by AVAYA.